Curriculum Vitae

Background Summary
Janet Saunders CV 2016

Ph.D.  Candidate Western Sydney University
Thesis title:
Back to the drawing board? Exploring the value of drawing in the creative visual thinking process using improvisational drawing.


MA.  Digital Media, University of Western Sydney
Researching interactive learning resources.

1996 – 2001

BA.  Visual Communication, Sydney College of the Arts
Majoring in Illustration and Print Media.

1981 – 1985

As an experienced visual communicator I have held a variety of design, production and project management positions within the design industry. I started my career as a graphic designer and illustrator working mainly in print production, promotions and campaign design. As the industry developed, I too changed my focus from print based graphic design to online delivery, specializing in interface design and the development of immersive, interactive online teaching and training resources. It is through working with educators and subject matter experts and delivering community creativity workshops, that I became interested in teaching as a profession.

I currently hold a Teaching Focus Position at the Western Sydney University. I have been part of the ongoing Visual Communication Design course development, writing and presenting of offline and online lectures and face-to-face tutoring across a variety of design related units. This traditional teaching in the class room has allowed me to reflect, not only on the appropriate design of online resources, but on the way blended learning techniques can be used to improve learning outcomes. It is through teaching students the basic building blocks of ‘good design practice’ that I have been led to my current PhD research into the value of drawing in the creative visual thinking process.

‘Back to the Drawing board?’ aims to explore the value of the rough sketch or ‘process drawing’ in the ideation stage of the creative process through the development of improvisational drawing exercises for graphic design students.

2010 – Current
Research and undergraduate lecturing and tutoring: Undergraduate Communication Arts Design units, Community engagement workshops and programs.

Eye Cue Comm.
Design and production of interactive online learning resources: Pearson Australia, NSW University, Australian Education Resource Network (AER)

Instructional design of interactive online learning resources: Change2 Online – Environmental Education, NSWRailcorp- SOP Online Training, PriceWaterhouseCoopers – Ethics and Business Conduct.

Cadre Design
1999 – 2007
Design, production and project management of interactive tools and resources: The Learning Federation of Australia, Pearson, Addison-Wesley publishing, W.H.Freeman Publishing, Australian Stock Exchange, IAG Customer Training, Konica Minolta.

Eye Cue Comm.
1988 – 1998
Graphic design and illustration: Interface Heuga, Holiday Inn & Radisson Australia, Sydney Maritime Museum, AAF, RTA, Catholic Education Office, Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Trust.

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