The following videos have been created in the process of exploring themes and concepts that I would like to expand on in my visual arts practice.

In 2017, I attended an art residency at Studio Kura in rural Fukuoka, Japan. I had lost my husband, Peter, to cancer a year earlier. This residency was a self intervention designed to help resume my PhD research which had been put on hold. When I was there, Japan was experiencing a massive heatwave. The old air conditioner in my room died which coincided with the onset of serious menopausal symptoms (which I suffered in silence). Some days I was unable to venture far from a toilet. This made my month in Japan a challenge and slightly unreal. I was out of my comfort zone in every way – and I loved it. It was in that room that I experienced grief in a profound way. Each morning I woke to the wake-up song broadcast in the laneway. I used a wet towel draped across my body to get to sleep and keep my temperature down. Each morning the towel was pressed flat under my sweaty body taking on a life of its own. The towel soaked up my dreams, nightmares, and grief.